August 9, 2022



This Supermoon in Aquarius Limpia Will Awaken Your Third Eye and the Gratitude Inside

Because the summer time winds down, we’ve got a second to replicate on the place we presently are in our lives. It doesn’t matter what has occurred in your current previous, whether or not good or not so good, there’s all the time one thing to be glad about. Even after we really feel like we’re sitting in the course of a twister of life’s obstacles and challenges, if we dig deep sufficient and get on the coronary heart of the matter, we’ll uncover the reality and the teachings hidden throughout the chaos. The supermoon is a disruptor within the sky. Our lunar companion supplies highly effective power for us to make use of in our lives. The August supermoon in Aquarius would be the final for this 12 months, following three supermoons that started in Could. As we marvel at this monumental ball illuminating the evening sky, it’s a stunning reminder of how related we’re to astrological occasions. This moon is tremendous in essence as a result of it’s barely nearer to Earth than the common full moon. Its proximity to our planet makes it seem supersize and very vibrant.

Similar to the awe-inspiring supermoon in Aquarius this August, if we glance just a little nearer at ourselves, we are able to see the magic inside extra clearly. Then these obstacles and challenges that life has thrown at us develop into the messages and classes we wanted most on the time. For that, we may be grateful. In case you’re having bother feeling grateful, a non secular limpia underneath the supermoon in Aquarius may very well be all you should clear the clouds and see the blue sky once more. In spite of everything, regardless of the stormy climate, there’s all the time a ravishing clear sky above the clouds.

When Is the Full Moon in Aquarius?

The supermoon in Aquarius, or the total sturgeon moon, can be at its peak on Aug. 11 at 9:36 p.m. EDT. It will not be arduous to overlook. So benefit from the vastness of this supermoon and connect with its highly effective power supply.

What Is the 2022 Full Moon in Aquarius Which means?

The fourth supermoon of 2022 is the total moon in Aquarius, or the total sturgeon moon. A sturgeon is a prehistoric-looking fish that has been traced again to round 136 million years in the past. Through the month of August, these large fish have been readily caught within the Nice Lakes and Lake Champlain. Due to this fact, August’s full moon was named for this nice fish. Whereas this full moon is related to a fish, Aquarius is an air signal, flowing via life with aspirations of spreading knowledge all through humanity and making a lot of pals alongside the way in which. This air signal can also be extraordinarily grounded, rooting down into life and breaking via conservative constructions with a revolutionary strategy.

Aquarius is dominated by Saturn, the planet of accountability, arduous work, and dedication, and Uranus, which symbolizes expertise, rise up, and innovation. Saturn reveals us our limitations and the teachings we have to be taught, whereas Uranus pushes towards these limitations to create groundbreaking, dynamic change. The juxtaposition between these two planets supplies a platform of creation for us all. What we do with this platform is as much as us.

The eleventh zodiac signal can get a bit overzealous about creating change and its place on the earth, so it’s a necessity to stay grounded. Physique components and features related to Aquarius embody the ankles and circulation. In case you’re not feeling grounded, strive mendacity in your again along with your legs up the wall for 10-Quarter-hour a day. As you lay on this place of vulnerability, enable your stress to soften away, and breathe. Aquarians are weak to varicose veins, which happen when veins develop into enlarged, dilated, and overfilled with blood. So elevating your legs every day permits the blood to circulation in the wrong way and helps ease painful varicose veins and supply steadiness inside.

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What Is the Religious-Cleaning Prayer to Say in August’s Full Moon in Aquarius?

“Nice Spirit, underneath this supermoon in Aquarius, enable me to stay grounded with an open coronary heart in order that I’ll obtain the teachings in life and be glad about all of it.”

What Tarot Card Goes Properly With the Full Moon in Aquarius?

The Star: Simply as the girl on the Star tarot card has one foot in water whereas her bended knee touches the earth, Aquarians stay grounded whereas watering humanity.

What Chakra Goes Properly With the Full Moon in Aquarius?

Third-Eye Chakra: Aquarians wish to see the larger image in life so that they perceive their place in humanitarian efforts.

Aquarians can be related to the guts chakra since they need equality for all.

Religious-Cleaning Recipe (Full Moon in Aquarius Limpia)


  • Purple flowers of any form
  • Sage and palo santo
  • Epsom salts
  • Selenite, clear quartz, and/or moonstone
  • Clove, juniper berry, thyme, and/or cedarwood important oils
  • Sage, mint, daffodil, and/or mugwort herbs
  • Aqua de Florida, or Florida Water


  1. Bodily clear the area you may use in your limpia. Keep in mind that you are able to do a limpia standing within the bathe or soaking within the bathtub.
  2. After you’ve got bodily cleaned your area, it is time to spiritually cleanse it by burning sage and permitting the smoke to waft throughout the room and into the corners of the room the place power typically stays stagnant. Comply with that with palo santo and once more let the smoke waft across the room as you pray and set your intentions.
  3. As you put together your limpia, you possibly can combine the substances in a big bowl should you’re doing it within the bathe or place the substances straight into heat bathtub water should you want to soak. Add 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salts and use your hand to combine it into the water. Proceed praying and setting your intentions with every step of the ritual. The substances you employ and the phrases you select go hand in hand.
  4. Subsequent, add a number of drops of Florida water and the important oils you want. You should use one or mix a number of.
  5. Add a handful of every herb you want to make use of and blend them into the water along with your fingers. Pray, sing, give thanks, and set your intentions.
  6. Place your crystals across the tub or within the water if it is secure to take action. Some crystals and gem stones shouldn’t be submerged in water.
  7. Lastly, you possibly can unfold purple flower petals excessive of your bathtub water or combine them into the bowl along with your different limpia substances. You may also merely have the flowers displayed in a vase close to the place you may do your limpia. A go-to is purple orchids.
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Keep in mind your magic, and carry that via every step of this supermoon in Aquarius limpia ritual. Once we alternate magical power with our lunar good friend, sparks will fly, and your greatest desires can develop into actuality. So faucet into that third eye, stay rooted and grounded, and raise your coronary heart to the sky. Blessings in your journey.