August 9, 2022



Storing Your Avocados in Water Isn't Secure, In keeping with the FDA

Whether or not you waited patiently for it to ripen on the counter or employed one of many many identified avocado-ripening hacks, there’s nothing just like the satisfaction of slicing open a wonderfully ripe avocado. To save lots of half an avocado, I’ve used methods like brushing it with oil or freezing peeled chunks for smoothies. However just lately, I’ve seen lots of people strive a viral hack the place they submerge entire ripe avocados in water after which pop them within the fridge to maintain them at good ripeness. However can you actually retailer ripe avocados in water? Will they keep contemporary? And extra importantly, is it protected?

Does Storing Ripe Avocados in Water Work?

I needed to strive the hack for myself. I just lately purchased a bunch of avocados on sale and could not eat sufficient tofu-avocado toast and avocado-basil pasta to make use of all of them. I popped an avocado in a mason jar stuffed with water, and after I sliced it open 5 days later, it was nonetheless flawless. (Simply feast your eyes on this perfection!) To be as scientific as attainable, I additionally put a ripe avocado within the fridge with out submerging it in water; that one was a bit of brown after I sliced it open 5 days later. It seems that storing avocados in water within the fridge actually does work.

Is It Secure to Retailer Avocados in Water?

This magic trick may work, however you’ve got heard it earlier than: if it appears too good to be true, it most likely is. Sadly, storing your ripe avocados in water within the fridge is not protected, and the Meals and Drug Administration recommends in opposition to it. “The primary concern is with the likelihood that any residual human pathogens (Listeria or Salmonella) which may be residing on the avocado floor could probably multiply through the storage when submerged in water,” an FDA spokesperson instructed In the present day.

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Washing the avocado pores and skin after it has been soaking in water will not assure that your avocado is not contaminated; FDA analysis has proven that pathogens like Listeria can seep into the pulp of the avocados. Washing your avocados beforehand would not clear up the issue, both. The FDA advises folks to all the time wash produce like avocados totally below working water with a scrub brush to scrub off potential pathogens, corresponding to Listeria. However even should you accomplish that, you may’t assure that your avocado can be 100% pathogen free — and since micro organism can multiply in chilly temperatures, it is simply not well worth the danger.

How Ought to You Retailer Ripe Avocados?

So, how must you retailer these completely ripe avocados? The most suitable choice I’ve personally discovered is to retailer ripe avocados within the freezer. You’ll be able to freeze them entire; while you’re prepared to make use of one, take it out of the freezer, run it below scorching water, let it sit on the counter for quarter-hour, peel, then take pleasure in! Simply word that the feel is likely to be a bit of completely different.

One other precious tip is to retailer unripe avocados within the fridge such as you would another produce. They will not ripen a lot in chilly temperatures, so you will have extra time to make use of them. While you’re prepared, take one out so it may ripen for a few days on the counter. This ensures you all the time have a wonderfully ripe avocado while you need one and that the others will not go unhealthy. Genius!

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