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Lovescope: How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Zodiac Compatibility Introduced Them Again Collectively

Let’s admit it: we had been all fairly shocked after we heard the chisme surrounding the “Bennifer” reunion. Whereas Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reigniting their romance had us all questioning if Mercury was in retrograde on the time, it seems we will not attribute this nostalgic love story to Mercury retrograde. So, what’s chargeable for these two getting again collectively? Astrological natal charts can provide us some perception into nearly each facet of life, together with what prompted J Lo and Affleck to offer their romance one other go after so a few years — and get engaged for the second time.

It has been 18 years since these two ended their engagement again in 2004. In line with their charts, they needed to fulfill karma with different lovers earlier than they might reunite to meet their soulmate contract. Figuring out Lopez’s relationship historical past is useful for understanding why she bought again with Affleck. Coincidentally, Affleck and Jennifer’s ex-husband Cris Judd share the identical birthday. OK, pues, let’s simply name it what it’s: J Lo clearly has a kind. Each Affleck and Judd (with whom she had a two-year marriage) are Leos, identical to Jenny from the block. Nonetheless, Judd has a Virgo moon signal, whereas and Ben has a Scorpio moon signal. That is the game-changer. We all know she was married to Judd and engaged to Affleck — and that the 2 share the identical Leo tendencies. So makes Affleck so interesting to her? His moon signal.

They Share the Similar Moon Signal

The Puerto Rican diosa shares a Scorpio moon with Affleck. Having moon-sign compatibility together with your love curiosity is a big signal that the connection might be long-lasting and probably end in marriage, which explains the current engagement. The moon in our charts represents what makes us really feel protected and safe. When each companions share a moon signal, they usually really feel a mutual sense of stability and vulnerability.

Lopez’s ex-boyfriend Casper Sensible has a Leo moon that positively works along with her Leo solar. The moon in our charts additionally represents the mom archetype. This tells us that J Lo would have doubtless performed extra of a motherly position of their relationship, which might have fizzled out simply and bored her. That is the factor with Leos — they want consideration and plenty of it. Her love reference to Sensible went from quick fuego to nada immediately. I am unable to assist however assume her canción “Ain’t Your Mama” was impressed by Sensible.

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Why Did not It Work Out With Marc Anthony, Diddy, and Cris Judd?

All of them have Virgo connections of their chart. Marc, Diddy, and Cris all share Pluto in Virgo. Extra importantly, Diddy and Judd each have a Virgo moon and Pluto, whereas Marc has a Virgo Pluto and solar. J Lo has her Pluto in Virgo as properly; nevertheless, it’s sq. her Venus in her chart — that means it is not constructive vitality. When a planet is sq., it creates rigidity. Venus is an indication of affection and romance. If somebody has Venus sq. Pluto of their chart, that tells us they do not like feeling “owned” by another person or restricted in love — they’ve a “you do not personal me, child” perspective in regards to the connection. All her ex-counterparts, moreover Ben, have Pluto in Virgo. This implies they engaged in energy struggles throughout their relationship dynamic, since Pluto is the planet of domination.

What Makes Affleck and Lopez Appropriate?

The important thing to a profitable relationship with Lopez is making her really feel assured, protected, and answerable for the connection, since she’s a pure chief. Affleck provides her that assist. He would not really feel the necessity to play energy video games and prefers that she’s within the driver’s seat. That is what turns him on: seeing her within the limelight and proudly owning it just like the lioness she is. As a fellow Leo, Affleck understands the necessity for the highlight. His Pluto is in Sagittarius, and it’s sparking her Mars in Sagittarius in her chart. Mars’s connections in astrology are one other constructive indication that their romance is stuffed with warmth and seduction. Affleck’s Mars in Virgo features Lopez’s Pluto in Virgo fairly properly — they’ve enjoyable taking turns being submissive to 1 one other, since Mars and Pluto take pleasure in teasing and pleasing. Mars is the planet of seduction, and Pluto guidelines erotic wishes. They each share a Mars-Pluto connection of their charts. The 2 have a steamy mutual attraction that can final till the tip of time. In the event that they’d stayed collectively beforehand, they might have had twins collectively, since Mars and Pluto connections can point out the vitality of twins, just like Venus in Gemini in her chart. Both means, J Lo is destined to have twins with whomever she feels particular sufficient to share that ceremony of passage with, due to her Venus in Gemini. Gemini is named the zodiac signal of the twins in astrology, and Venus represents kids.

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They May Be Soulmates

Their astrology helps the concept Affleck and Lopez may very well be soulmates. They’re doubtless really in love; it would not look like a publicity stunt. Their double Leo solar indicators make sure that the 2 might be attracted to 1 one other so long as they’re collectively. Leo is dominated by the solar, and the solar all the time brings the highlight and success. That is why most people is as soon as once more mesmerized by their love. A romantic resurrection leaves us starstruck. All of us reacted the identical means when Lopez and Alex Rodriguez began relationship publicly. He, too, is a Leo. Nonetheless, Rodriguez’s Pisces moon was a positive method to bore her. His Pisces moon wasn’t compelling sufficient to maintain her , and he doubtless ended up feeling like a “stage dad” to her. You’d suppose that two Leos would conflict of their demand for consideration, and that is generally the case when two fireplace indicators like Leos come collectively. Nonetheless, Leos are extravagant of their love gestures and recognize receiving the identical love language, which is one thing Lopez and Affleck have in widespread, in contrast to along with her previous lovers. Their sturdy mutual moon signal connection in Scorpio is the most important astrological placement making them suitable. Scorpio moon individuals shortly develop intense emotions. That is one thing Lopez has acquired plenty of criticism over: falling shortly in love. Nonetheless, Affleck reciprocates that vitality. They take pleasure in an intense mutual connection that leaves them craving extra. They each have highly effective emotions for one different, due to Scorpio’s sexual vitality. Leos are a really loyal signal, and these two, with their mutual Leo signal, carry loyalty to their connection. Scorpio moon individuals can generally lack maturity, however that develops with expertise and knowledge. In any case these years, one can assume they’ve every discovered to grasp the vitality of the impulsive Scorpio moon that drives them to dominate conditions. Now that they’ve each been in critical marriages, they’ll carry each friendship — one thing they’ve maintained for years — and maturity to make their romance prosper.

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After All These Years, Will They Make It?

Sure, they completely can — so long as they do not enable public strain to get to them once more. (Leos really feel the necessity to carry out and please others.) Now that they are older and know learn how to respect one another because the superstars they’re, they’ll positively make it. Second chances are high generally higher — of their case, they’ve extra issues in widespread now, since they’re each mother and father. Dos veces pa’ buena suerte!

This is What They Must Watch Out For

One may suppose that J Lo would not be a fan of Affleck’s non-public and reclusive way of life. The truth is, the alternative is true: she prefers it that means. He is non-public and mysterious, which retains her intrigued. His public persona is open to interpretation, and that brings tons of consideration from most people. They each take pleasure in being needed by all and pinned down by none, due to their Leo signal. That carry them extra consideration, which they each thrive in as Leos. Nonetheless, that may be a double-edged sword and trigger them to fail once more. They must faucet into their sensible Scorpio moon placement to verify they’re each on the identical web page by not being so public about all the main points of their romance. The primary time round, they had been very open about their relationship in interviews. This time, they are going to discover success in the event that they reveal much less and maintain the sacred features of their romance secret. At present, her Saturn in her chart is being activated till 2026. Saturn is the planet of karma. She is getting a second likelihood to karmically stability what she feels she must revisit. So long as Affleck continues engaged on his psychological well being and sobriety, this new relationship will carry a couple of completely different expertise. J Lo’s Saturn place will not let her accept something much less — she’s not in a spot anymore the place she desires to avoid wasting the lads in her life.

Good luck to J Lo and Affleck! Soulmates will all the time come again collectively to meet their romantic future. Love all the time wins.

Lovescope: How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Zodiac Compatibility Introduced Them Again Collectively 
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